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Atlantic Telecom partners with property managers, commercial and residential property management companies, small-medium sized businesses and HOAs to offer a full suite of telecommunication services – phone, internet, wi-fi / wi-fi access points, gate access systems, and security.

Atlantic Telecom customers save 25-50%.

Our Services

Atlantic Telecom strives to provide clients with the leading, most reliable, cost-effective telecommunications solutions that meet their specific needs, while providing superior ongoing service and building strong business relationships.

Business Phone Lines

Analog lines, SIP/VOIP lines and mobile


Fast, affordable and reliable internet for your fast-paced business.

Pool Phones

Reliable service for this mandatory emergency device.

Elevator Lines

Dependable service for your property’s essential amenity.

FACP Lines

Reliable Fire Panel and security system communication.

Network Services

Bring your entire office network together affordably.

Why Atlantic Telecom?

Atlantic Telecom is a full service provider of reliable and efficient telecommunication solutions covering the entire Southeastern footprint. With offices in Raleigh and Wilmington we were founded to simplify our clients increasingly complex telecommunications needs while saving them time and money along the way! Plus:

Plus, we’re based in North Carolina, near you, with offices serving the entire southeastern United States. Satisfy your customers with our personalized service bundles that meet your exact business needs— no more and no less for the unique properties that you own or manage. 

Simple Solutions for Future-Ready Properties

You want to grow your business so you work hard — your telecom company should work hard too. That’s why we offer a suite of business services designed to keep you running at top performance, seamlessly and effortlessly around the clock for all your properties. 

Effortless, Integrated, Seamless Service for Property Management Groups, Developers, Leasing Managers, & Owners

You differentiate yourself by the service you offer your business clients. Atlantic Telecom helps you make that happen with incredibly fast internet, phone lines, pool lines, elevator, fire panels, keyless entry, and security systems — all managed from one point of contact. You get more control over all your systems with one phone call for all your communication services. 

Learn more about Atlantic Telecom capabilities.

Atlantic Telecom Drives Productivity for Business Owners

Atlantic Telecom LLC specializes in partnering with property owners and management companies to take the hassle of telecommunications away.  Return on your investment is our top priority! Our clients frequently produce double digit savings to their bottom line.  Our Wholesale rates and strict contract negotiations allow us to continually be competitive and keep your property expenses manageable. This allows you to concentrate on running your business not dealing with phone and internet issues!

Business internet is the lifeblood of your company, and you depend on fast, reliable connections to drive your business. Take your business to the next level with 21st-century standards of service, speed, and efficiency at Atlantic Telecom.


What Our Clients Say

"Being able to save money for your association is always a great thing, but being able to work with vendors who are so responsible and knowledgeable is awesome from a property management standpoint."

Elizabeth Daniell

“Atlantic Telecom’s professionalism, attention to detail and quick response to challenges have been very impressive. I would recommend them to other business owners and property management companies that want to save money on their bottom line.”

Lory Coker

Thanks for a great job, with no hassles and savings on service!

Kathey Harter
Who We Work With

Our Technology Partners

Unify your internet, phone, and property systems under one voice, where service is just one phone call away. Stay productive, provide seamless service at your properties with fast response times on service calls — no more waiting hours on hold with your provider to get service. Switch to Atlantic Telecom and if you have service issues, you make one phone call to one person to resolve everything. It’s part of who we are as a local, NC-based company here to serve you.

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